a podcast about robots and feminism but mostly robots

ep.21 08.17.2016

Having Your Clit Stabbed for All Eternity

Alex and Savannah performed during the Postloudness hosted episode of Your Stories, one of their favorite storytelling podcasts!

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ep.20 05.26.2016

ALLO, We're Back

Alex and Savannah discuss Google iO’s AI-like announcements: Allo, Google Home, and a pizza place in Chicago.

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ep.19 01.28.2016

Stop Making Robots Walk Off of Tables

This week, Alex and Savannah just request you stop intentionally forcing robots to fall down.

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ep.18 01.20.2016


Alex and Savannah talk to Trin Garritano of Friendshipping and Cards Against Humanity about their impressions of gendered droids in Star Wars.

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ep.17 01.13.2016

Power Bottom Poe

Alex and Savannah finally talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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